Blockchain-based Digital ID in HR: A proactive recruitment

Blockchain-based Digital ID in HR

Most common recruiting pain-points

1. A slow and narrow hiring process: This happens specifically in the screening stage

2. Low trust on how a candidate will perform in real-life scenarios

  • Fire them and you have to reschedule all the hiring processes to seek another candidate (which might the same with this one)
  • Continue to hire them but you have to make more effort, time and money to train them.

3. Prejudice and bias:

How a blockchain-based digital ID ease the recruitment pain-points

1. To recruiters and companies:

  • Identifying job description: recruiters can easily determine and analyze particular tasks, duties, and requirements of a given job, based on information from previous employees.
  • Approach more of potential candidates: with blockchain, all information is stored in one secure “place”. Combine with AI, when companies have some vacant positions, information of potential candidates that match requirements from all over the world will automatically show up and then recruiters just need to schedule to set up next steps.
  • Improve resume trust: Digital ID performs based on the principle of immutability, meaning that once the input information is verified, it can’t be changed for some personal reasons.
  • Avoid prejudice and bias while interviewing: The interesting thing about digital ID is candidates only need to provide job-related information without giving any extra details that might affect recruiters’ objectivity and still retain their credibility.
  • Time-saving: Companies will save a ton of time for manually seeking and evaluating candidates on first-round; stay focused on getting more meaningful information while interviewing when they know the CV are truthful.

2. To candidates:

  • Instead of giving both related and non-related information to companies, with decentralized ID, candidates have the right to choose which one they want to share and take back control easily if they fail the interview.
  • Update skill and experience fully and automatically: this helps candidates to enhance their competitive ability for the position they want.
  • All information is protected with cryptography: candidates can ensure that their information can’t be changed, hacked or used for other purposes when they provide it to companies.





The Permissioned Business Blockchain for Enterprises

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The Permissioned Business Blockchain for Enterprises

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