Commercial Real Estate Ecosystem — The Empire of Blockchain

The huge hindrance on traditional real estate in business

From listing a property to closing the deal, there are too many intermediates such as multiple stakeholders, service providers, regulators, and government agencies. Moreover, troublesome issues arising from the paper document, redundancies, waste delays, expenses extend the time of the deal. Both buyers and sellers are so annoyed with such aforesaid sophisticated difficulties.

Blockchain as an innovative technology jump for commercial real estate

Referred to be a shared and distributed digital platform, blockchain enables an active real estate marketplace with no intermediates. Commercial real estate is tokenized and smoothly transacted with transparency and immutability of the information in a decentralized platform. Another dominant point of blockchain technology in commercial real estate is that fractional ownership boosts the investment rates, dealing with the hassles of property management

The route to the empire of commercial real estate ecosystem

Blockchain enables open communication channels between recent real estate developers. The interactions of these channels build a publicly owned ecosystem with comprehensive support. Commercial real estate simplifies the paper procedure that used to take a lot of time to deal with. Each transaction is implemented quickly with a high rate of information accuracy and trust.


Scaling, privacy, identification, legislation, and cross-chain interoperability are all obstacles that the commercial real estate ecosystem must solve to leverage all the benefits. The new concepts like tokenization, virtual wallets, user experience has been also one of the most difficult challenges we’ve faced. However, it is undeniable that blockchain may open up a new empire of comprehensive commercial real estate ecosystems.

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The Permissioned Business Blockchain for Enterprises