Create digital ID with blockchain technology

Information Leakage Scandals

In our daily lives, we are continuously witnessing more and more massive user data leakages from major social media platforms and big companies.

CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce

Why did this happen?

There are some reasons for these data-security scandals such as:

  • Cybercriminals, mainly hackers, try to spread malicious viruses or hack the system to take identity data and sell them for personal purposes.
  • Carelessness: Many people didn’t realize that some of their simple actions can cause damage to their companies like click on a link (that might contain malicious virus).
  • Employees are willing to sell company data for money.

Create Digital ID with blockchain

As we know, digital ID is everything (information) about you that remains in a digital database, including two main categories: digital attributes and digital activities. It could be your birthday, your buying history, or what you “like” on Facebook, etc.

Digital ID with blockchain technology
  • Public key: available to everyone in the system. It is used to encrypt user data, mutate it into a digital form that only computers can read.
  • Private key: It is stored in the user’s device only and used to decrypt data, convert it into a normal form that humans can read.


Digital ID benefits a wide range of individuals, from those who lack ID to those who have ID but cannot use it effectively in the digital world. Digital ID can unlock great potential with inclusion, formalization, and digitalization.



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