Design fruit traceability for the growth of agricultural supply chain

A complete fruit traceability system for businesses, governments, and consumers

Description of GS1 standards in a blockchain fruit traceability

  • Integration and decomposition of the supply chain logistics chain
  • Logistic unit conversion before and after commercial fruit handling during the processing phase
  • Disruption and asynchronism of the logistics flow and the flow of information between different entities along the supply chain.
  • Determine the logistic lot/unit: The enterprise determines the fruit lot number, harvest lot number, the circulation code of the package, and the traceability code based on GS1 system encoding standards.
  • Labeling design: Designing an appropriate labeling system to bind traceability information to the respective logistics unit is an essential step towards achieving full traceability. For most fruits, it is difficult to identify individual fruits, so the smallest package of fruit will be the unit of traceability. Companies should store containers of fruit from the same harvest lot in pallets before processing to avoid mixing during post-harvest commercialization; also the fruit code number of a processing lot must be similar to the harvest lot.
  • Barcode design: Fruit should have the package code number and traceability label which are designed with corresponding barcode and QR code complying with regulations and encoding schemes.
  • Design information system: The Traceability Information Management System is developed according to the different roles of different units in the supply chain, mainly divided into five parts: orchard module, fruit processing and distribution center module, supermarket module, management module, and information search module.


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The Permissioned Business Blockchain for Enterprises

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