Reap more profit with blockchain-backed data monetization

3 ways to exploit the data potential that blockchain-baked data monetization platforms can improve

  • Improve internal business processes and decisions:
  • Customer targeting: based on collected data, companies identify groups of leads or groups that are at risk of switching to competitors, or cross-sell/up-sell opportunities. This method increases profits by increasing the number of goods sold, growing sales.
  • Risk mitigation and fraud detection: Evaluate the characteristics of accounts, in case of signs of fraud, identify high-risk situations. This approach increases profits by reducing losses, operating costs along the value chain, and creating a competitive advantage.
  • Provide the information package about products/services:
  • Jump in the data buying and selling market

Compliance principles and blockchain’s impact on data monetization platforms

  • Sufficient accuracy and reliability
  • Are related to the purpose of use and under business needs
  • Be processed and segmented
  • Always ensure the confidentiality and privacy of data
  • Authorization: The customer decides who will be able to access the data and prevents unauthorized persons from accessing it.
  • Encryption: The data will be protected by a digital layer of protection and cannot be read in the event of a theft. Only those with privileges can perform this encryption when storing, accessing, or transferring data.
  • Tokenization: Redefining the real information of a transaction without personal data ​​on the blockchain. It keeps sensitive information secure at all times and makes transactions more flexible and faster with automated mechanisms.

Monetizing data is a value-adding business model with plenty of growing space

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The Permissioned Business Blockchain for Enterprises

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The Permissioned Business Blockchain for Enterprises

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