Digital ID as a possible way to cut off Idle Time in lean manufacturing

Idle Time in lean manufacturing

What is Idle Time?

Idle time in lean manufacturing

Why does it happen?

  • Normal reasons (included in manufacturing cycles): worker’s break time, time to fix or maintain machines
  • Abnormal reasons (which are non-planned, difficult to predict and control): Ineffective management in workflow due to lack of latest needed information; human errors; waiting for materials; change in customer need…

How to cut off Idle Time in lean manufacturing with blockchain-based digital ID

Digital ID used in manufacturing
  • Produce appropriate products: Studying your customer need is the very first step you need to do before really producing a product. Decentralized ID gives manufacturers more valuable customer information so that they can develop a suitable product to meet customer needs.
  • Ensure the supply of quality materials: seeking for a reliable supplier is no longer a tough challenge when all information is unchangeably stored and available in a decentralized database.
  • Immediately handle non-standard products: combine with IoT, the precise product status information will be recorded in a decentralized database. Once a non-standard product is tracked, it first will be removed from the main production line to re-evaluate whether it should be fixed and re-produced or eliminated. Meanwhile, information about the quantity of added assets will be automatically recalculated and informed to other vendors in the network, ensuring the JIT system.
  • Reduce human errors: Human errors caused by low attention, limited memory, situation awareness, stress, fatigue or simply random errors when they record information can be reduced and accelerated by an automatic system.
  • Save costs: Reduce errors and non-standards products lead to reduce in communication costs (connect to vendors, handle issues related to reputation), Overtime cost, Transportation costs, Cost of storage/ destruction of goods





The Permissioned Business Blockchain for Enterprises

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The Permissioned Business Blockchain for Enterprises

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