Dr. Luu The Loi — Founder and CEO of Kyber Network will be Akachain’s Blockchain advisor and support us to connect enterprise partners.

Loi Luu (also known as Luu The Loi) graduated with excellent degree in the high quality program in Computer Science — University of Technology, Hanoi National University. After that, Loi was a graduate student in blockchain and cryptography at the National University of Singapore (NUS). In particular, he was one of the top graduate student in Computer Science of Singapore National University in 2017. With this achievement, Luu The Loi has now become the first and only Doctor of Blockchain in Vietnam. Luu The Loi has also been voted into the top 30 most prominent faces under 30 years old in Vietnam (30 Under 30 Vietnam) in 2018 by Forbes magazine.

He also studied more about Blockchain. He is more active in the community by joining in different projects. Loi developed Oyente, a tool to analyze the safety of smart contracts on the Ethereum platform.

Having learnt and studied crypto currencies and Bitcoin since 2014, Loi has many concerns about the technology behind them. Then, he focused almost his entire time doing research on the blockchain — the technology behind Bitcoin. In order to solve the difficulties in the internationalized payment system, he has launched a useful product for society based on blockchain technology called Kyber Network. After that, Loi joined Velner (Co-founder Kyber Network) to create Smart Pool — a smart open-source contract for “pre-coding” pools. With the curriculum, he even narrowed his PhD studies from applied cryptography to crypto-currency.

Dr. Luu The Loi — Founder and CEO of Kyber Network will be Akachain’s Blockchain advisor and support us to connect enterprise partners.

Dr. Luu The Loi will accompany Akachain in the upcoming projects as a consultant in technology and technical issues, and also a facilitator for connecting with business partners about blockchain to promote Akachain’s strength and help Akachain take new steps in this area. In addition, he will support Akachain with the role of connecting partner businesses to the Blockchain with Akachain. Currently, Akachain’s responsibility is to develop Akachain solution and build core competitiveness related to Blockchain platform for FPT Software, and Akachain will cooperate with partners to develop the business based on Blockchain platform. AKC uses Blockchain technology and smart contracts to facilitate businesses to do business in the most efficient way.

Also on the Blockchain platform, Akachain recently launched a platform called Utop that provides electronic storage and focus services built based on the foundation of Blockchain — Akachain has successfully called for a capital investment of 3 million USD from a Japanese financial service corporation SBI Holdings. This application is developed based on Akachain — Blockchain platform. Akachain of FPT is also implemented and applied in many other countries and areas such as finance, retail and supply chain, ….

About Akachain

Akachain is the Blockchain technology platform developed by FPT Software using Blockchain technology and smart contract to facilitate businesses and individuals to do business in the most effective way. Akachain platform is currently being deployed and applied in many different countries in many areas such as finance, insurance, retail and supply chain …

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