Enterprise blockchain automotive industry is starting to thrive

Enterprise blockchain applications in the automotive industry

  • Verification and process improvement solutions:
  • Provenance and verify parts solution has excellent benefits for manufacturers, service centres, vehicle warranties and even customers for traceability of parts in terms of production time/location, and used raw materials.
  • Destination trace solution tracks the status and location of materials, parts or products during transit to the destination. This solution is suitable for logistics companies and suppliers who want to control their product journey strictly.
  • Know your supplier solution emphasises the effectiveness of mutual understanding between suppliers in the automotive supply chain. Each party on the chain will own a copy record of information about members (manufactures, suppliers, related service companies). With this reliable record, parties raise the chance to find their suitable partners, embrace more market information, and improve partnership effectiveness.
  • Targeted recall solution:
  • Vehicle management and incentives:
  • Ride-sharing and on-demand mobility services:
  • Finance and insurance:
  • Insurance contracts solution: Car companies, insurance companies and customers will use the vehicle information to create automatic insurance contracts. The needed information on vehicle conditions such as speeding, mileage, damages and other events will be available in the blockchain database for the automatic claim calculation and execution process.


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The Permissioned Business Blockchain for Enterprises

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The Permissioned Business Blockchain for Enterprises

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