Farm-to-fork seafood traceability in quest of enabling food safety

The pressing need for a shrimp traceability system

  • The highly fragmented and small size of the pond with a small amount of harvest each time from each pond: This fragment leads to the difficulty in collecting, classifying, and testing shrimp quality.
  • A large number of transaction points associates with the supply chain: To reach consumers, a batch of shrimp will probably have to go through a lot of intermediaries checking, many procedures of each inspection to ensure that the quality of the shipment is maintained.
  • Farmers do not have an appreciation for quality products in terms of price. The cost of production of shrimp farm units has been significantly reduced when the farmers start to use veterinary medications, antibiotics, and possibly fungicides, which FDA has forbidden for human consumption. These medications can cause aplastic anemia and cancer include direct human health risks and even the antibiotic resistance-superbug evolution.

Blockchain-backed traceability for shrimp in quest of enabling transparency

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The Permissioned Business Blockchain for Enterprises

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