FPT project “Aura Network” successfully attracts GBV Capital

“Aura Network” is developed by akaChain teams of FPT Software in November 2021. What makes GBV Capital decides to invest in Aura Network?

NFTs are the most recent cryptocurrency trend to hit the mainstream. NFTs have unexpectedly captivated the world’s attention when Christie’s auction house sold the first-ever NFT artwork — a collage of pictures by digital artist Beeple for $69.3 million. So, what exactly are NFTs? In their most basic sense, convert digital works of art and other collectibles into one-of-a-kind, verifiable assets that are simple to trade on the blockchain.

Recently, NFTs have continuously enlarged cryptocurrency market size 20 times since 2019, reaching approximately 2000 billion dollars in size. Combined with metaverse — the future of the Internet, NFTs have been rapidly growing up to 43.3% (Compounded Annual Growth rate) by 2028. Beyond virtual boundaries, Aura Network is developed to digitalize your assets and connect NFTs to metaverse in Aura infrastructure.

What is Aura Network?

Aura Network is an NFT — centric blockchain platform that supports decentralizing the assets and brings them to the metaverse ecosystem. FPT’s project may develop a universal infrastructure for evaluating, auditing, and mapping assets to NFTs. Notably, Aura Network is the host one connecting multi public or private chains and expanding continuously NFTs and Asset Token Utility when integrated with a metaverse infrastructure.

The metaverse is commonly known for the application of 3D game that creates a breakthrough in user experience. With conscientious research from 50 software developers in akaChain teams, we see the potential of the metaverse in finance, especially the blockchain ecosystem. Shortly, the metaverse — the new trend for the NFTs. is more immersive and interactive.

GBV Capital smartly invest in the Aura Network project

GBV Capital is committed to investing in, developing, and launching blockchain technologies that will influence our future. They create initiatives that make a difference and develop meaningful solutions. As an investment focusing on early-stage businesses, GB Capital aims to create value and drive development for initiatives and founders in the field by using our network, knowledge, and variety of capabilities.

Why do they choose Aura Network as the next project for the future?

The community of Aura Network is rather diverse and interactive. All the members participating in the network enable them to implement their tasks smoothly. The Aura Network is the same as other NFT ecosystems with full of utilities for asset owners, evaluators, investors. But the most crucial thing differentiating Aura Network is providing open API for integration with metaverse communities and corporations.

Furthermore, GBV Capital decided to invest in Aura Network due to the experienced software developers. akaChain is a powerful team with all the professors in many fields of IT, marketing, business,… that comprehensively promote the implementation of the projects. akaChain convince GBV Capital by a detailed roadmap, all-inclusive Aura ecosystem.

FPT Software Company always catches up with the technological trends rapidly and becomes the leader in this industry. Recognizing that metaverse is the future for the Internet, we plan to utilize NFT with metaverse infrastructure. It is our competency that attracts the enormous investment from GBV Capital. We hope our project becomes a breakthrough in the global finance market.

About akaChain

akaChain is backed by FPT Software, a globally leading technology, and IT services provider. It is an end-to-end, permissioned, multi-chain network based on the Hyperledger Fabric. Since its establishment in September 2018, akaChain’s product has assisted many enterprises, from SMEs to Fortune 500 firms, to transform with distributed ledger technology. The company provides a broad range of permissioned blockchain-based products and services in multiple sectors, including retail, supply chain, banking and finance, insurance, shopping mall management, etc. to transform with its distributed ledger technology. For more information, please visit https://blog.akachain.io/

Contact us for more information:

Website: https://akachain.io
Phone: +84 90 1133883
Email: admin@akachain.io
Addresses: FPT Tower, 10 Pham Van Bach street, Cau Giay district, Hanoi



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