Leverage blockchain in real estate with numerous benefits

3 min readDec 3, 2021

Nowadays, there are numerous benefits of blockchain in real estate industry. So what does they reshape the commercial business of construction?

Real estate brokers have been acting as intermediaries between the seller and the buyer since the 1910s. The agent is well-versed in the rules and regulations of the area. Therefore, they smoothly verify that the seller owns the property and that the buyer has the necessary finances to purchase it. The industry still employs the same strategies and procedures today. The use of blockchain in real estate is fascinating and full of potential.

Several businesses, such as Redfin and Propy, are already implementing all digital real estate transactions. By doing so, these tech-enabled brokerages save money for intermediaries like realtors and bankers by removing the need for paperwork, audits, and insurance as much as feasible. Thanks to this ledger technology, the real estate industry have developed into a promising future.

So how does blockchain in real estate reshape this industry?

Property Developers

Developers raise the finances needed to launch a development project faster and more efficiently when several parties invest in it. Although real estate fractionalization is not new, blockchain technology speeds the process and expands the pool of possible investors. All the data is recorded on the blockchain that supports the sign sponsors seeking money contributions from investors beyond their network.

Furthermore, all architectural papers, engineering designs, appliance manuals, and other information are stored on the blockchain. This ledger implies that if investors, owners, or anybody participating in the development project desires to see those documents, they utilize the blockchain in real estate. This technology cuts down transaction time and expenses in half, allowing developers to concentrate on the core development.

Owners and investors of real estate

Potential owners and investors reduce numerous annoyances when buying real estate since blockchain technology makes misrepresenting or altering data almost impossible. In other words, customers are sure that the pricing and validity of the property are transparent and correct when they invest their money in it. Besides, real estate tokenization — the conversion of its worth into cryptocurrency — effectively liquidates the business.

Tenants and residents

Renters benefit from a better leasing and living experience thanks to blockchain in real estate. This system allows renters to view virtual houses, sign leases, make payments, and request maintenance. These features are that all parties involved are aware of the property listing’s legitimacy, identities, personal information.

Moving across countries or even across the globe has never been simpler due to blockchain. Because blockchain in real estate eliminates geographical restrictions and avoids privacy and data breaches, you may lease a house in San Francisco and negotiate agreements from Tokyo without ever leaving the country.

Managers of rental properties

Property management nowadays entails much more than simply repainting the walls or replacing the appliances. Processing paperwork, whether for leasing agreements or maintenance requests, takes up the majority of the employment. All of that documentation becomes smart contracts that are practically error-proof when you utilize a single decentralized property management system based on blockchain.

Prevention of subleasing

Dealing with tenants who unlawfully sublease their properties or units is one of property managers’ concerns. Due to the lack of decentralization of property listing information, renters readily offer their properties for sublease without the confirmation of landowners. A tenant could not get away with subleasing using a blockchain-based property listing service since the system would instantly detect the unlawful listing.

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