Reward loyalty points to customers for saving their health — Why not?

Reward loyalty points to customers for saving their health

Determine loyalty points from a blockchain-backed loyalty program in the healthcare industry

Encouraging people to contribute credentials to healthcare databases represents a successful use case of the blockchain loyalty program. This shared data system assumes the expectation of storing and connecting all patient health data regardless of its origin. Reward points are what patients receive for sharing their health reports, diagnoses, or feedback on medications, prescriptions, and treatment history.

  • A sharing database: A patient can securely log in on the blockchain network and get rewarded every time they share information in the network. Additionally, patients may be rewarded for participating in an online survey or study. These rewards can then be redeemed for partner services on the blockchain network and to medical stakeholders such as doctors, retailers, diagnostic centers, and path laboratories.
  • A secure database using encryption: Persuading patients to share their sensitive health information is a significant challenge in devising such a health data center system. Service providers must ensure the confidentiality of this information. Records are encrypted and can never be decrypted without authorization addresses a patient’s concerns about privacy, allowing that person to share in control whenever he needs and earns some bonus points.
  • Transparent rewards system with timestamp: Patients need to trust and participate in building the system to create transparency. A customer-centric blockchain loyalty program system provides information about the services, details of the rewards they receive (based on five questions: Who? What? When? Why? How?). This system will also become a stepping stone for doctors and the scientific community to research patient health records, serve projects to develop medical solutions, and improve public health.
  • Authorized System: The blockchain-powered patient health record system gives the patient full authority to provide and revoke access to his/her records from doctors, researchers, and others. Neither party on the blockchain network can access a patient’s health records without their permission.

Healthereum LLC — An use case of a healthcare loyalty program on blockchain

Healthereum LLC, a startup in the healthcare industry, offers a blockchain-based loyalty program to assert health care is a joint effort from two sides: healthcare providers and patients.

akaChain — a trusted partner to implement a blockchain loyalty program solution

According to the Global Market Insights forecast, blockchain applications will contribute $1.65 billion to the healthcare market by 2025. Blockchain technology in the healthcare industry is predicted to bring rapid development and advancement, thereby transforming the healthcare industry.

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